Chicago Dog Star Walkers

While you're busy working, we're busy walking! We provide a full spectrum of pet sitting and dog walking services, all over Chicago's near and far northwest side!



What we are doing!

Welcome to Dog Star Walkers, proudly dog walking and cat sitting in Chicago's North & North West side neighborhoods!

With Dog Star, your dog will have the same daily walker to insure a great relationship. We feel it's important to know all their little quirks and the places they like to sniff or be scratched so that the time we spend with your best friend is quality time that really suits their needs. We vary their routine so that when we walk your dog, they have an outing full of fun and discovery.

The same individual attention is given to our kitty clients as wells as our pups, respecting their individual needs and personalities. We give scratches in all the right places and sparkling clean litter boxes.

There is two of us running this menagerie and because of this communication is top notch and simple on a daily basis. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for you and your four legged Romper Stompers (Romper Stompers - noun 1. A four legged animal who's exuberance for life causes it to run about and chase it's own tail 2. A four legged animal that's up to no good, in a good way)

Rates And Services

Pricing Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm
Water refills, medications and any training routines you have in place are always included in our visits!



  • 15 Minute Potty and Play Break
  • $23 for two 15 Min Visits a Day

THE Walk


  • Full 25 Minute Walk, 3+ Times a Week
  • +$3 For EACH Additional Dog
  • +$5 Walks Before 10AM/After 4PM
  • +$5 Saturday/Sunday
  • $30 for two 25 Min Visits a Day



  • Clean Litter
  • Food/Water/Treat Refill
  • Play Time

$17 for 1 or 2 visits a week

3 Walk a Day Vacation Care Packages Available!

Email us for details or if you'd like to discuss a package not listed here


All Regular Services (Single Walks/Cat Visits Etc) are a flat holiday Rate $30/Visit
** Additional charges (extra dogs, early/late/weekend etc) do apply. **
The following is our list of holidays in observance: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Easter
Weekend, holiday and vacation care walks are all subject to availability.
Please reach out to us at with any and all questions! We can always come up with special plans for your special companion! We look forward to hearing from you!

Cancellations and Last Minute Changes

Need to cancel? We accept same day cancellations until 9 a.m. with no cancellation fee. Forgot to call the dog walker? Stuff happens and we will always do our best to honor cancellations at no extra charge.

On Being Green...

We have made a conscious choice to be as ecologically sound and healthy as we can be. We feel this is a better choice for us and the dogs and cats we care for. On the green page we will share any new information or business that will promote the health and well being of your pet and the planet earth.
Below is a list of "eco promises"

  • We use only 100% biodegradable poop bags
  • Recycle empty dog & cat food containers
  • Use only recycled paper and recycle the paper we use
  • Recycled journals for dogs and cats
  • Paper-less billing / encourage email and online use (that's 0% paper use!)
  • Natural non-toxic cleaners / for the office and the animals
  • 100% recycled paper and vegetable dyed business cards
  • Support local businesses first
  • We always educate ourselves in newer green practices and products and pass the information on to others

Contact Us

Contact Us!

The Original Dog Stars

Dog Star Walkers was initially started in 2009 by our former boss, Kristin. Below, we've included her story...

"We started dog star walkers out of our love for dogs, cats and all creatures big and small. When our beloved Akita, Daisy, passed over the rainbow bridge in December 2008 at the ripe old age of 16, we were devastated. Our best friend, partner, teacher and steady companion had left our lives. The void was almost unbearable. While this is a very somber note to start things out on, it is really a celebration. A celebration of what our pets mean to our lives, a celebration of unconditional love, and a celebration of Daisy's legacy. So, here's to you Daisy. I miss telling you to move your big booty out of my way every single day of my life. We plan to make you proud."
-Kristin Jones